Michelin Star Restaurants in Athens


Whether you consider yourself a lover of great food and you love discovering top ranked restaurants or you are a Michelin Star restaurants hunter, this is a guide for you. It includes the best Greek restaurants by international standards, all of them being hot spots for anyone after an extraordinary fine dining experience in Athens. Ηere are the top Greek restaurants, according to the Michelin Star reference guide!

First in our list, is Botrini’s the restaurant of the well-known chef Ektoras Botrini. If you are a fan of exquisite Mediterranean tastes and you would love to enjoy a haute-cuisine league culinary experience, then probably this one ‘s for you. The guest can choose between the a la carte menu and the option of the degustation menu. A noteworthy fact is also that a lot of the ingredients used, come from family production! Located in Halandri, featuring a bright smart interior as well as an impressive spacious garden, it is a choice you will not regret.

Varoulko Seaside is another celebrity chef’s brainchild: Lefteris’ Lazarou- also, the first Greek cuisine restaurant to ever have won a Michelin Star! Originally located on Pireos Avenue, Varoulco has moved to where the chef calls home, Pireus. Now, you can find it in the best spot in the quaint port of Mikrolimano and enjoy its awarded specialties next to the sea! Its interior is warm and welcoming yet discreetly elegant and offers the right environment to enjoy original Greek tastes in well-though combinations and appealingly presented dishes. One can either visit the restaurant during lunchtime, as a more affordable option or for dinner, in order to have the proper top class dining experience, Varoulco has to offer.

On the 6th floor of Onassis Cultural Center, you will find Hytra, one of the best and most famous restaurants in Athens. Awarded with two Michelin Stars, it enjoys international recognition for years now. Its interior is slick, stylish and atmospheric, while during the warmer months, the restaurant moves to the building’s rooftop, for a gorgeous panoramic view of the Acropolis. In Hytra, you will enjoy a creative mixture of Greek tastes in a contemporary gourmet version -there are two separate restaurant menus as well: the original Hytra menu and the Hytra Apla menu, with a selection of street style dishes executed the typical “Hytra way”, in more affordable prices.

Last but definitely not least, we have Spondi, one of the best restaurants you will probably have the chance to visit in Athens and Greece in general. Internationally acclaimed, it has received two Michelin Star awards so far and has been designated as the Best Restaurant in Greece for several years. You will find it in a beautiful neoclassical house in Pagkrati -its stunning garden, with the atmospheric lighting, will steal your heart! The man behind Spondi’s tastes is celebrity chef Angelos Lantos, who creates unique well-executed dishes of international cuisine with French influences. Enjoy his attractively presented dishes and don’t forget to make the most of your meal, with the right wine pairing. A must destination for any fine dining fan, who wishes to discover the best Greek restaurants.

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