Best sushi bars in Athens!

Athens is known for its gastronomic tradition as well as for its diversity. In Greece’s capital, one can find anything they want foodwise: today we will be talking about Japanese restaurants and more specifically, great sushi bars -a relative new but upcoming restaurant genre, counting already a lot of great entries!

A great choice for sushi in the Northern Suburbs is Shishan, a new Japanese restaurant that already counts a lot of loyal followers. With a warm and homey interior, it offers a great variety of sushi dishes in affordable prices. The staff is really hospitable -even by Greek standards- and it is unlikely that you will leave negatively surprised. Don’t miss the crab tartar and the shisan tartar!

Αnother fantastic choice, right in the heart of Athens is the famous Aji Sushi Bar. Its minimal sleek decoration is exactly as relaxing as a proper Japanese restaurant is expected to be. It offers a truly diverse selection of sushi, as well as some great cocktails -try their Ninja Mojito or the Yamazaki delight with Japanese whiskey and you won’t regret it.

Hokyo is a new addition to the Athenian sushi bar’s scene, operating since December 2015. The Chef is well known, after having cooked in Michelin star restaurants abroad in the past and has brought all of his experience and talent into this little street food-style Japanese restaurant in Cholargos. We don’t know about you, but we remember their Tuna Crab and Salmon Flambé with fondness…

Up next is a very popular choice for great Japanese food in the North of Athens, Iki sushi lounge. In a modern space, decorated with blond wood with subtle green details and outdoor seating, too, it offers first class Japanese cuisine and a great selection of fresh sushi. We really liked their tartars, as well as the Salmon and Cream Cheese Roll!

Last but not least, a great sushi bar in Nea Smyrni called Kikuko. Its space is small and cozy, while decorated with combinations of black and white and some flashes of vibrant red. In its menu, you will find apart from great sushi, interesting dishes from all over Asia, some cool desserts included! A tasty, reliable choice for fresh authentic Japanese food, that won’t break the bank!


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