Some of the Best Restaurants in Nicosia

After numerous requests, E-table finally takes Cyprus and already counts more than 50 cooperating restaurants! Starting off, we couldn’t help, but share with you some of them, that have already become favourites. Here are some, that have stood out in the area of Nikosia and we would mark as “Highly Recommended”!

To start with, there is Piroga Restaurant. Since its opening in 2015, it has already managed to develop a loyal following, the main points of attraction being the magnificent mezedes as well as the warm and hospitable atmosphere. Greek and traditional Cypriot dishes, grilled meats and local wine of their production -all of them great options for a night out with friends tasting famous Greek and Cypriot specialties in the accompaniment of live music.

If you want to taste pure traditional Cypriot cuisine, your steps will inevitably lead you to Plaka tavern, one of the oldest taverns in Nicosia, counting many dedicated followers, among which, celebrities and politicians. The menu samples the best of Cypriot cuisine, serving more than 30 types of Cypriot meze dishes, salads, meats and desserts. The tavern also features live music regularly. Our tip: in the warm months, we recommend the gorgeous courtyard -relax and enjoy its old fashioned, almost nostalgic atmosphere -you can never visit this tavern once!

Atelier is a good wine restaurant in the old town of Nicosia, that we really loved. It has the feel of a French bistro, with chic and minimalist decoration, without lacking warmth and hospitable atmosphere. It mainly features dishes based on the French cuisine, but also offers other options with influences from the international cuisine. Bear in mind that the menu changes constantly according to the ingredients availability and the chef’s yearning for experimentation!

If you feel like fish, Pyxida fish restaurant is the first place that comes to mind, a restaurant that can convert even the most fanatic meat lovers into fish eaters. Its menu is inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine and you will find an assortment of fresh fish and seafood dishes. Trusty delicious recipes, without ever making compromises in the quality of the ingredients used, well executed dishes, affordable, yet top-notch.

To finish this first little guide with some of the best restaurants in Nicosia, we will refer to Rokoko Kitchen Bar. A great choice for fans of Italian cuisine, but not only, since it also serves popular dishes like American burgers and delicious fresh salads. It also specializes in cocktails, so there is one for every taste! Relaxed atmosphere, minimal decoration and great comfort food make the perfect scenery for a nice night out in beautiful Nicosia.

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