Steak Houses in Athens: The Meat Lovers Paradise

Although meat is not famous for being the base of Mediterranean cuisine, who doesn’t love a juicy mouth-watering steak with a mountain of potatoes and salad? This, as you can already tell, is a meat-love article, so please, if you are a vegetarian we wouldn’t suggest that you keep reading.

One of the best steak houses in Athens is Barabicu -the name being an ancestor of the word “barbecue”. In the chic area of Neo Psychico with an equally chic interior, it is a great place to try a good Rib eye or a Black angus steak. Creative combinations in the salads and the appetizers made exclusively of fresh first class ingredients and great quality meats. We strongly recommend the desserts -galaktoboureko and chocolate soufflé with Greek coffee are incredible!

Staying within the Northern suburbs, in Melissia there is Bistecca. Its menu is an interesting combination of staple Italian dishes such as risotto and carbonara with American style dishes, juicy burgers being the main point of attraction here. In Bistecca, besides great meats, you will also find a satisfying wine list, where you will find the perfect wine to accompany your meal. The decoration is welcoming and warm with modern touches and an industrial feel to it – a perfect setting for a night out with friends.

An old favourite of ours is in the area of Ampelokipoi is Bohemia. One of the extremely few restaurants serving Czech cuisine -if not the only one- in Athens, it is a place you must visit at least once. Its interior is nice with tasteful decoration and a beautiful garden for the summer months -to think that decor is not even what it is famous for! It offers an extensive menu with lots of different options for appetizers, main courses as well as salads and desserts. Our recommendation is their gorgeous tenderloin steaks with various fillings and sauces.

Last but not least, moving to Pireus, Abakos is a definite must-visit! An original steak house, where you will probably taste one of the best steaks of your life. Grilled meats the way they should be -we, Greeks are often told that we overcook our meats; trust us, this won’t happen here. Top notch urban decoration combined with food of impeccable quality makes a true hangout, perfect for any meat-lover.

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