Where to eat in Pireaus

Piraeus might not be as popular as Athens in the tourist’s hearts -unfortunately, most people know Piraeus for its port and only. We can admit, that Piraeus loses in comparison to its famous twin attraction-wise, has nothing to be jealous of, though, food-wise: you will find some of the best fish and seafood restaurants -some of them by the sea as well- and not only. Here are some of the best restaurants in Piraeus!

Starting off, we have Dourabeis restaurant, one of the best fish restaurants, located in the famous Mikrolimano. Already counting more than 80 years of operation, its long tradition is a synonym for fresh fish and seafood mezedes. A very popular choice for the locals, that will prefer it for friends or family gatherings and delicious fresh fish.

Up next, in Pasalimani area, there is Katsarolakia. Located by the sea, it serves tasty appetizers, fresh fish and seafood, but good meat dishes, too, and is a perfect place to drink ouzo and enjoy mezedes! Indoors and outdoors seating is provided, so that weather can never ruin your meal. A nice and affordable option for nice food in Pireaus!

Zorbas in Mikrolimano is an awarded fish restaurant overlooking the sea and makes a wonderful choice for those, after a more luxurious dining experience. Only the finest and freshest of the ingredients are used here and you will enjoy well executed fish and seafood dishes with a creative touch. The environment is elegant yet welcoming and makes an ideal option for a romantic dinner, but not only!

Last but not least, housed in a stunning neoclassical house in Pasalimani, Belle Amie, is a legendary restaurant with long tradition, that reopened its doors in 2013. Specializing in Greek flavors with a contemporary touch, its menu is about as impressive as its decoration: vintage furniture, marble floors and golden details compose a setting that will travel you in time. A must visit, especially for the vintage lovers!

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