Vegetarian Restaurants in Athens

Vegetarian restaurants are something relatively new and controversial for the Athenians -they haven’t been around for a long time, neither are they the number one choice for most locals. However, slowly but steady, there is a vegetarian movement in the Athens’ scene going on and we are proud to present you some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Athens!

To start with, we have Rosebud, a café restaurant in the central area of Kolonaki. It offers Greek cuisine, in its vegetarian or even vegan version. Clean eating is what the restaurant is all about: a combination of great quality ingredients and unique tasteful recipes. Rosedud is also famous for its brunch -don’t miss the deserts!

Another good choice in Kolonaki is the all-day café restaurant Nice’n Easy. It offers Mediterranean tastes,  in vegetarian dishes -and not only. What ‘s interesting with this restaurant is its menu, that contains information about the origins of the ingredients used as well as the dishes’ nutritive value. Did we mention that they strictly use only bio products?

Up next, located in a beautiful neighborhood in Mets, there is Mystic Pizza and Pasta. Organic cannabis Sativa is used in most of their recipes and they always aim to support small traders and organic farms. Their authentic Italian pizzas and fresh pasta are amazing and there is also a gorgeous rooftop, where you can enjoy your food and a glass of wine under the stars.

In central Athens, there is a tiny little place, called Mama Tierra, with stylish minimal decoration, that specializes in vegetarian and vegan international cuisine. Their goal is to offer truly tasty alternatives using only what Mother Earth has to offer (this is what Mama Tierra means in Spanish), with their menu being a compilation of dishes from the Mediterranean to Asian and even Latin American cuisine. Their mushroom burger is to die for as well!

Last but not least, we have another entry, whose main focus is the use of bio only and first quality ingredients from local farmers. Its name is To. Testaccio Organic and is located in a great spot in Vouliagmeni- it is also one of the most famous ones in its category. They offer selected dishes of international cuisine, while at the same room you can find a little bio products market, too. Beautiful decoration, relaxed atmosphere and great nutritious food- we don’t know about you, but we couldn’t ask for more.

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