Top Restaurants in Thessaloniki


The biggest city in Northern Greece and second biggest in the country: the locals consider it co-capital, because they just cannot think anything Athens has, that Thessaloniki doesn’t. Great food and a vast variety of dining choices are among those privileges, on top of a rich food culture, full of taste and color! Here are some of the best restaurants in Thessaloniki, for those, who want to get the full culinary and cultural experience!

First in our list is Anassa, one of the best eats you will find in Thessaloniki. Mediterranean cuisine with creative touches along with a homey, comfortable environment create an irresistible package for those, who appreciate good food and an atmosphere, quite as if you’re having dinner with your friends in your cozy living room. But don’t think, that the atmosphere is the only reason to visit it: it was presented with the Golden chef’s Hat Award in 2014, so these guys must do something right with their pans as well!

Αnother popular meeting point for the locals is Paparouna Wine Restaurant & Cocktail bar. In their menu, you will find dishes of International Cuisine, with some extra emphasis on Mediterranean flavors, as well as great wines, mostly from Spain, Italy and France. Its interior is a vibrant place, full of color, with a retro feel to it -and you will never get disappointed by the music choices!

Moving on to a more sophisticated option, we have 7 Thalasses, a great fish restaurant, that was awarded as the Best Greek Cuisine restaurant in 2010. Creative Greek cuisine is their specialty and the menu offers some pretty interesting options, ideal for the most conservative diners to the most adventurous and daring! It is a suitable place for business meetings as well, since the restaurants provides a dedicated room for this purpose. Don’t miss out on the desserts!

Last but not least, Alfredos Grand Dining, is our fine dining recommendation. And how could we not mention it, providing its 14 golden chef’s hat awards and its indisputable reputation as the best restaurant in Thessaloniki? Luxurious and elegant, it is a must visit for every true fan of haute-cuisine league restaurants. The menu offers a variety of well executed dishes and some gorgeous desserts -you simply cannot go wrong with any choice!


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