The Best Traditional Greek Food in Athens (“Non-Touristy” places!)

Among many things -usually antiquity-related- Athens is known for its beyond delectable food tradition. Athens can offer a great variety of restaurants for all tastes and budgets -one thing is for sure: this is a foodie’s paradise! And since it is a great place to try authentic Greek cuisine, let’s jump into the best places for traditional Greek food in Athens!

In a beautiful spot, right at the base of Philopappou hill, Attikos Greek House is an amazing place to taste traditional Greek dishes with a slight modern touch, that almost feel like homemade. Having two different dining areas, one for the winter months decorated with stone and wood and one for the summer months on the rooftop, it offers a gorgeous view of the Acropolis, that you wouldn’t like to miss!

Up next, in the beautiful and historical Thiseio area, there is Kappari restaurant. Modern, with some industrial decorative details, it is an ideal place to start your acquaintance with Greek flavors, since its dishes are loyal to the Greek tradition, yet contemporary enough, to introduce the visitor slowly, but steadily to Greek cuisine.

Moving on to the center of Athens, there is Manas Kouzina-Kouzina, serving fine Greek cuisine: traditional recipes with some contemporary, creative additions, along with quality homemade wines. A good all-day spot to either recharge your batteries during the day, or close it, with a delicious filling dinner!

In the central market of Athens, you will find Ipeiros restaurant, a must-visit for anyone, not easily impressed by fancy decoration, who seeks an original place to taste good traditional Greek food. Its award-winning chef prepares popular traditional dishes that, although cooked by a professional, they somehow taste homemade!

Last but not least, Arkadia restaurant, only a few steps away from the Acropolis’ Museum, it is an elegant restaurant, already counting more than 30 years of operation. It is a perfect place to sample Greek food in Athens, cooked with love and respect to the original recipes, with a menu featuring a combination of Greek staple dishes and specialties from Arcadia area. Definitely, one of the best restaurants near the Acropolis-and not only!

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