Great fish and seafood restaurants in Athens!


Fish is an essential element of the Greek cuisine and of the local eating culture as well: fish and seafood mezedes washed down with ouzo, are just the most typical choice for a hot summer night and not only. In this little guide, we have gathered some of the very best fish restaurants in Athens, that will make everyone a fish lover!

A great choice, if you are looking for a Sea Food Restaurant in Vouliagmeni, is Rafale. Its bright interior is decorated with minimalistic stylish furniture and comfortable sofas and chairs. There is also a gorgeous garden with outdoor seating available –a must, especially for the warmer months. It offers Mediterranean Cuisine with Italian influences, with fish and seafood being the main specialties, along with an extensive wine selection to accompany your meal. Must-try dishes are the fillet with lemongrass sauce,celeriac creme and baby vegetables and the Orzo pasta with shrimps and asparagus!

Located very centrally in Mikrolimano, directly next to the sea, Varoulko Seaside is the ultimate place for fresh fish and seafood, made by the celebrity chef Lefteris Lazarou. One of the most well-known fish restaurants and considered amongst Athens’ top restaurants in general, it offers traditional greek tastes with a twist and some wicked sweets! The space itself is characterized by a tasteful Mediterranean aesthetic, full of light, with subtle touches of luxury. A must visit for anyone who loves great creative greek cuisive!

Another great fish and seafood restaurant in Mikrolimano is Jimmy’s Fish and the Sushi Tavern. It is one of the celebrities’ favorites, so go prepared because you might as well find yourself dining next to famous actors or politicians! The restaurant’s marine-themed decoration is simple, yet classy. Overall, a great place for fresh fish and seafood –we just can’t recommend enough their pasta with lobster!

Completing our selection of the best fish restaurants in Mikrolimano, Papaioannou is a place worth visiting for anyone keen on trying gourmet yet classic tastes, including top quality seafood. Its plain white decoration incorporates perfectly the dining room into the blue of the sea and gives the visitor a sense of serenity. This multi awarded restaurant is a great choice for all fish lovers!

Another favorite spot in Vouliagmeni, overlooking the bay of Vouliagmeni, Labros restaurant operates since 1889 and is one of the best choices for fish in Athens –also a perfect spot for a romantic dinner under the stars. A classic restaurant, located by the sea, it offers traditional beloved fish and seafood recipes made from the finest ingredients. However, as much as we love its unique dishes, we cannot help ourselves but recommend anything different than its classic specialty, fresh grilled fish.

Last but not least, we have Dourambeis, one of the best fish restaurants in Pireus. Its cuisine is not gourmet or creative- it’s plain greek traditional in its best! The decoration, in line with the traditional cuisine, with wood and stone being the dominant elements, creates a warm interior, ideal for family gatherings. With a tradition that goes back to 1932, it is a classic choice for good food in Kastella.



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