Best Traditional Taverns in Monastiraki

Monastiraki is one of the areas that is almost impossible to not visit when in Athens. Full of things to see and do, beautiful and quaint, it also the home to some of the best traditional taverns in Athens. If good traditional food is as big a deal for you as it is for us, keep on reading.

First in our list is Dipylo tavern. In Dipylo you can sample the best of Greek cuisine while enjoying some of the most iconic Greek traditional dishes. Try tigania with the obvious accompaniment of Greek salad -goes without saying, right? – and pair with local wine or ouzo. And if you make a reservation through e-table you’ll get a 20% off Dipylo’s menu!

If you are more of a fan of traditional cooked specialties such as moussaka, kleftiko or gemista, then Diavlos tavern is the one for you. Featuring an extensive menu, with a wide variety of appetizers, grilled meats, fish and delicious salads, it puts you in the pleasant dilemma of what to choose first. Great food and friendly atmosphere is all it is about.

Efcharis is another favourite of ours; Warm and cosy, decorated with wood and stone details, it even features a beautiful garden for the summer months. Although famous for its grilled meats, we highly recommend it for its cooked appetizers and fresh salads -try dolmadakia and feta saganaki and you won’t regret it!

Oraia Ellas is arguably the most typically traditional of all restaurants in our list, at least in terms of decoration and atmosphere. It offers outdoors seating as well as a great view of the Acropolis, which is always a plus. A hotspot for all day long, from breakfast time until late in the evening.

Last but not least is Dia Tauta tavern. It is the one that among all in our list, we would recommend you for their fish and seafood that won’t break the bank. Enjoy fresh fried shrimps, squid and grilled octopus with lettuce salad and pair it with some ouzo. Finish your meal with a piece of baklava to get the full Greek meal experience! Don’t forget to make a reservation with 20% discount on Dia Tauta!

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