Best Tavernas in Plaka

When one thinks of Plaka, the oldest part of Athens, two things come to mind: first -as predictable as it may be- is the Acropolis, right? Now, if the second thing that came to your mind, is the same as mine, please keep on reading, because we’re totally on the same page here (and yes, we are talking about the tavernas in Plaka. Bingo!).

First, we have a classic choice for good food in Plaka, Spilia tis Acropoleos. With a great view to the rock of the Acropolis, this taverna is one of the places we would recommend to anyone wishing to feel the warm and friendly atmosphere and listen to good live music, while tasting authentic traditional Greek cuisine. A tourist joint, that doesn’t feel “touristy”, though.

In the same philosophy of the great traditional Greek food, we have Old Taverna Stamatopoulos. Operating since 1882 with great success, it is a tested choice for original tastes, with the accompaniment of live music. Besides its warm and cozy interior, there is also a commodious outdoor space, ideal for the spring and summer months.

Which “restaurants in Plaka” guide is ever complete without mentioning Anafiotika? Located on one of the most iconic streets in Plaka, it is a place that every true Athenian has visited even once in their life. With a cozy interior space, decorated with wood and stone, it even features a fireplace -something that is not often seen in Athens’ restaurants. Apart from that, the visitor can also enjoy its famous rooftop, with a gorgeous view to the sacred rock! A great choice, especially for bigger groups of people.

Although meaning “the old fisherman’s tavern”, what The old taverna of Psarras has to offer, is definitely not restricted to fish choices. It specializes in traditional tastes and you can choose from a broad spectrum of dishes -all prepared with love and respect to the original recipes. The visitor has the option of sitting in the courtyard, inside, in the main dining room or on the rooftop -needless to commend on the view, here. A fantastic place -great value for money, too.

Last but not least, Elaia Restaurant, is housed in a beautiful three-level neoclassical mansion, in the heart of Plaka. Part of the infamous film “Never on Sunday”, starring Melina Mercouri and Jules Dassin in 1960 was filmed there: however, that is not the only reason why it is popular among both locals and tourists. It serves some well-cooked traditional Greek food and has also a rooftop with a gorgeous view.

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