Best Cheap Eats in Athens

Fancy restaurants may be nice – and frankly, who doesn’t enjoy a touch of luxury now and then?- but when it comes to casual, everyday dining, what we really look for is good quality food, paired with affordable prices. Luckily, Athens is home to a great selection of affordable good restaurants and why keep them from you? Here are some of the best cheap eats in Athens!

Located in the central neighborhood of Kipseli, Kiveli is a modern taverna, a space full of light and vivid colours. Its menu offers a variety of dishes, combining traditional options with more contemporary ones, all made of top quality ingredients, at low prices. The grilled meats were great, but we loved the colorful, fresh salads!

Right at heart of the historical center in Monastiraki, you will find Dipylo in Monastiraki. A tavern with simple decoration, that serves a variety of traditional flavors, featuring meat as well as fish and vegetable dishes. It’s a great place to sample Greek cuisine in central Athens, especially if you enjoy the accompaniment of live music.

On the other side of the Acropolis, Petraloni in Petralona area, is a local taverna, serving traditional mezzedes, delicious starters, grilled meats and salads, all made of carefully selected ingredients from all over Greece. Its decoration has a retro feel to it and is full of colour, which makes it an ideal place to share your meal with friends and family, without breaking the bank. Don’t miss their “tigania” and their spicy “tirokafteri”!

If your steps lead you to Exarchia, the bohemian artistic area just a few minutes from Panepistimio station, Lefka, is a perfect place to unwind and taste delicious traditional Greek specialties. An original rustic tavern with a warm and homey interior, also featuring a fireplace, it has a beautiful courtyard too, ideal for the warmer months. One of the best budget restaurants in Athens, without a question!

Lastly, Varka, located in Pagrati area, near Evangelismos metro station, is the only restaurant in our cheap eats Athens guide, that specializes in fish. With a nicely decorated interior, also offering outdoor seating on the square, its menu varies according to what the fisherman brings each day! They also make great starters and offer a good wine selection, everything affordable yet top-notch. Highly recommended!

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