4 Great Restaurants in Monastiraki

It has been a tiring day, full of walking under the hot Athenian sun. We get you, you need to sit somewhere to relax and enjoy some tasty comfort food. Your steps are leading you to Monastiraki district, as downtown Athens as it gets and it’s a wise choice: besides it being picturesque and quaint, it is also full of cafes and great restaurants for all tastes and budgets. Here are 4 of the best restaurants in central Athens that you will not regret visiting:

Oraia Ellas
An absolute classic, Oraia Hellas is a greek traditional tavern, in the heart of the historical center of Athens, in Monastiraki. Open all day long, it offers some of the finest tastes of the Greek cuisine. The gorgeous view is its strongest asset, along with the delicious dishes, cooked with zest and a great respect to the original recipes. Its decoration is quite unique and gives the impression of an old-fashioned kafenio (coffee shop) with its vintage chairs and tables and the beautiful artwork on the walls. Don’t forget to finish your meal with a greek coffee –like the old days.

Dia Tauta
Walking down Andrianou Street, you will come across Dia Tauta, another well-known traditional taverna in Monastiraki, serving typical Greek food. For me, it’s a great place, if you want to taste some good grilled meats and traditional appetizers, like fried feta cheese with honey, tzatziki or meatballs. They also make excellent desserts, so I would definitely not skip those!

Emporikon would be one for vintage lovers- and not only! It is one of the best restaurants in Monastiraki, offering Mediterranean cuisine (Greek included) in a space you could easily mistake for an antique shop. Highlights are the lovely chandeliers and the retro furniture–and it’s ideal for outdoor seating, too. You can enjoy your bruschettas and delicious pies in this atmospheric environment with the accompaniment of rock music.

Stathmos Bairaktari
One of the best places for souvlaki in Athens is Stathmos Bairaktari. Operating since 1879, it’s only logical to assume they are experts in great traditional Greek food –and fortunately it is so conveniently located right in the heart of Monastiraki, just two minutes away from the metro station. It’s recommended for its juicy grilled meats and of course, its legendary kebaps! If you happen to walk on by, don’t miss the chance to seize the real Monastiraki experience!

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